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A guide to Montessori Toys for Children - My Playroom

A guide to Montessori Toys for Children

Montessori toys can be a bit confusing for parents when deciding which toy is best when purchasing at a Montessori shop. Which Montessori toy do you get for your child and when should your purchase them at your local Montessori shop? Today we will have a quick breakdown in terms of Montessori toys to purchase at a Montessori shop.

Infancy (0 – 6 Months)

Infants or babies are in a developmental period and Montessori toys to consider purchasing at a Montessori shop should be wooden rattles, soft balls, or baby play gym. Each of these toys can be found at Montessori shops and they all teach a variety of skills from visual tracking, fine motor skills, grasp reflex, hand-eye coordination, and even fine gross motor skills.

12+ Months

As your child slowly becomes a toddler their development can be further developed or enhanced with Montessori toys such as Musical instruments, baby-safe mirror, pop up toys, wooden puzzles, vertical stackers, and toys of similar design are perfect! These toys from a Montessori shop will further enhance your child’s fine motor skills and other types of coordination but will also slowly teach your child about motions, forces, and physics in an abstract concept.

18+ Months

As your toddler slowly comes close to entering ‘childhood’ their fine motor skills and ability to experiment can be facilitated with newer toys! Figurines, Hammer style toys, push toys, and many more are perfect to introduce and develop motor skills and get them engaged with new toys.


Obviously, these are just a suggestion of toys you should consider when purchasing for your child and are not always a guarantee. Children’s minds develop differently and see the world they live in, in a unique manner. However, Montessori toys purchased at a Montessori shop are guaranteed to provide your child with a unique experience that further develops and enhances their minds with their unique designs that facilitate creative play and many more essential motor skills.


At My Playroom we provide an assortment of Montessori toys to foster and facilitate the development of their brains with the aspect of fun. Montessori shop with Montessori educational toys can cover a wide variety of interests and activities such as early literacy, early math, early science, musical instrument, arts, and craft. Check out our Montessori shop and purchase essential Montessori equipment for a unique education!  

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