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*Free Shipping above $89* *Free Express Shipping above $149* Exclusion Apply
One-stop Educational Toyshop

One-stop Educational Toyshop

by Melissa Grant 

( Editor of Star News Group's Kids Magazines )

My Playroom is your one-stop Educational toy shop. 

From high quality open-ended toys and learning resources to children sized adjustable furniture, My Playroom has everything you need for your playroom at home.

And your playroom is something worth investing in.

“There’s absolutely value in all kind of child lead play,” said My Playroom's founder Christina.

“Children can’t grow interest in what they haven’t been exposed to. So, the prepared enviornment - what your playroom can offer, is crucial to the developmental needs of your child."

My Playroom stocks magnetic tiles and other open-ended toys including wooden blocks, marble runs and construction sets. “Products in this selection tend to be a go-to toy for children,” Christina said. “Each day, they will spend hours playing with well-designed, high quality, open-ended toys. They are great value for money as they last for years and are often suitable for siblings of different ages to play with.”

You will also find a wide selection of wooden toys, including non-toxic premium German brands and handmade Australian bespoke brands. 

Located in Canterbury, the store also has a wealth of learning resources. Most staff are qualified early childhood educators, so they can recommend age-appropriate resources to help with your child’s fine motor skills, sensory development and hand-eye coordination.

There’s also children’s books and storytelling puppet sets to help your child progress their language and reading skills. 

If you are interested in Montessori, My Playroom has you covered. They stock Montessori home range and Montessori School Materials, are an exclusive retailer for EDU FUN’s Montessori Furniture collection.

You’ll find My Playroom at 118 Maling Rd, Canterbury. For more information, visit

Melissa Grant 


Star News Group's Kids Magazines