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Christmas Educational Toy Delights!

Christmas Educational Toy Delights!

As one of Melbourne’s major and quality Educational Toy Shop specialising in early childhood education and development, My Playroom are always looking for more opportunities to provide your child the most unique education experience ever! Educational Toy Shops will most likely at this time prepare for Christmas sales or provide discounted offers, but at My Playroom, we are prepared to be the most unique Educational Toy Shop in Melbourne this coming Christmas! Aside from discounted offers for educational toys, why not also purchase your child a Christmas educational toy! Today we will have a little sneak peak into the few unique toys offered this Christmas.

Christmas Tree Décor

Christmas is an exciting time, and to celebrate our educational toy shop is providing an assortment of Christmas Tree Décor for you and for your child. Now obviously these toys aren’t educational toys and are not designed specifically for a child’s education. However, at our educational toy shop, the Christmas Tree Décor that your child chooses will teach them the arbitrary concepts of gravity and balance when they attempt to hang the decoration on the Christmas Tree. By purchasing a few Christmases Tree Décor from our educational toy shop your child will have the opportunity and indulgence to decorate a Christmas Tree all whilst learning about gravity and refining their motor skill functions to put the decoration on the tree.

Doll House Sticker Book

With over 300 stickers, this sticker book is the perfect seasonal gift for your child to enjoy Christmas and get into a festive spirit. At our Educational toy shop, this toy is quite popular among children and is a great gift for your child to express his Christmas spirit! Stickers might be the last thing you would consider as an educational toy, but at our educational toy shop, we believe that stickers help refine the fine motor skills and muscles required to delicately remove the stickers and attach them properly. Your child will have a blast and be developing small motor skills, two birds with one stone!

Colouring Mat

This colouring mat at our educational toy shop is designed to be a limited-edition toy that also serves to facilitate an educational purpose. The colouring map is designed to be for practicing writing number figures and counting which can be easily wash off. This is a perfect gift for your child to decorate and colour in with fine motor skills and develop numeracy skills and writing skills!


My Playroom is a quality educational toy shop providing highly affordable and popular educational toys for parents of Metropolitan Melbourne and Interstate! As an educational toy shop, we aspire to provide our customers and parents with unique educational toys for their child’s education and development. At My Playroom the educational toys provided at our educational toy shop is designed to be perfect for fostering and facilitating the development of a child’s brains with fun. Learning combined with fun is what education should be for children at developmental stages, their creative imaginations are boundless, and they are easily able to understand and learn concepts. Visit our website today to purchase quality educational toys for your child today!

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