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Connetix Pastel Range Fun!

Connetix Pastel Range Fun!

Connetix Pastel ball runs, and packs are by far one of the most popular educational toys that a parent can provide for their children. After all, Connetix Pastel ball runs are intentionally designed to promote and facilitate creative learning, independence, fine motor skills, and many more important skills that your child will learn and develop. Connetix Pastel ball runs are after all highly sought out by children and parents. Their ability to be versatile and the infinitesimal possibilities of structures and designs that can be created can be found no where else in other educational toys. Today we will have a little look into a few expansion packs that you should consider when purchasing Connetix Pastel Ball runs.

Connetix Pastel Mini Pack

To allow your child to be able to design Connetix Pastel ball runs, they must be able to design circuits that are smaller in size whilst understanding how to construct certain geometric shapes given the limited pieces provided. Without a proper understanding or visual grasp of geometric shapes, your child will struggle in constructing a meaningful Connetix Pastel ball run. We recommend you purchasing a Connetix Pastel mini pack that comes with 32 pieces that will allow them to learn about certain geometric shapes and design more complicated and intricate systems. This experience will be vital in allowing them to create a meaningful Connetix Pastel Ball run.

Connetix Pastel Mega Pack

If your child is a bit older or has experience with Connetix Pastel Ball runs, then we suggest purchasing the Connetix Pastel Mega Pack expansion. To witness and foster the creative brilliance of your child, purchasing them this mega pack will allow them to create superb Connetix Pastel Ball runs that will amaze you with their creativity. This mega pack expansion will allow your child to create a wide variety of complex shape and geometric sequences that will allow them to have the ultimate fun designing and witnessing the Connetix Pastel Ball run. 

Connetix Pastel Ball Run Expansion

To allow your child to create a meaningful Connetix Pastel Ball run, you would need to purchase equipment that allows a ball run. The Connetix Pastel Ball run expansion pack will allow your child to create stellar and magnificent loops and gizmos.


My Playroom provide an assortment of educational toys fostering independent learning, and growth mindsets for children! Toys are children friendly and designed specifically with the purpose of teaching your child various skills using spatial concepts that incorporates elements of fun! That is why we recommend Connetix Pastel Ball runs for your children! Educational toys designed to help develop practical life skills for you to teach your children and for them to have fun with their Connetix Pastel Ball run. As parents, we want our children to succeed, and by investing in their education we can provide them with the appropriate skills for school and society. Purchase your child their very first Connetix Pastel Ball run today!  

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