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Connetix Pastel Ball Run Expansion 106 Piece Pack 2021 - My Playroom

Creative Fun and Inspirational ways to use Connetix Ball Run

Does your child have a Connetix Ball run and loves using it? Of course they would! The connetix Ball run is a highly popular and creative instrument that toddlers and children love playing with and building. The Connetix Ball run has many attractive attributes and functionalities that teach kids fine motoring skills whilst developing their brains in a creative manner. With Connetix Ball Run you can create many unique and fascinating ball run mechanisms and loops with your child or watch them develop their own pathways. Let’s have a look at how you can let your child have fun and inspire them to build unique Connetix Ball run paths!

Search Online for Ideas and Inspiration

Whether it is Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram there are millions of inspirational images or videos of Connetix Ball runs. You can show your child a few images of these Connetix Ball run circuits and watch them attempt to create a work of art. Art is subjective but to the child it is not only fun but also opens their creative mindset and hones their fine motor skills as they manipulate the magnetic shapes to a circuit.

Don’t Go High and Use Squares Resourcefully

Building too high can result in running out of squares and an unstable build and can be a bit worrisome with a toddler or little child running around. Maybe save the taller builds for when they’re a little taller and older. A Connetix Ball run does not have an infinite amount of squares, the material is exhaustible. Letting your child think about how to use the parts sparingly and resourcefully will teach them about better using their assets to accomplish tasks without needlessly wasting. Moreover, by giving more squares in a Connetix ball run the possibilities of a circuit are endless and waiting to be designed by your child!


At My Playroom we provide quality educational toys that are not only integral to fostering skills of a child but also enjoyable for them to use! With the Connetix Ball run, children are able to design infinitely many balls run loops and facilitate their creative minds to create structures and pathways. All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Connetix Ball Run today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.
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