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Developing Essential Life Skills - My Playroom

Developing Essential Life Skills

As parents, our children are our world and love. We foster and nurture them until they are mature enough and old enough to forge ahead in society and develop their own lifestyle. Developing them into adults ready for society and school can be quite difficult. After all, as parents we also have our own commitments to attend to and can be quite busy. To ensure that our children have the best opportunities and are ready, we want to develop a few practical life skills when they enter society. Today we will have a little glimpse into how educational toys can develop essential practical life skills for your children.


An essential practical life skill that is great to develop is cooking. As parents, cooking for our children or loved on can be a delight. However, it is equally important to teach your children how to cook and develop a very essential practical life skill. Various educational toys can teach your child how to cook, from chopping, peeling or anything to incorporate them in the kitchen. Many of these toys are child safe and designed to be used by a child under the supervision of an adult. Teaching a chid how to cook at a young age will teach them to be self sufficient and able to cook simple meals when you are unavailable or when you can’t. This practical life skill is invaluable and will stay with them.


Organising and being neat is an integral aspect in life, work, and school, even socially. This practical life skill can be easily taught or incorporated at home by having them clean-up their own space at home, such as a play area or even their bedroom once they are older and stronger. The practical life skill of cleaning will always be required in one’s life and teaching them this concept is instrumental in being able to let them learn how to do certain tasks such as chores and cleaning the house to even laundry.


One of the most important practical life skills to have, is being responsible for one’s actions. As parents, it is a moral and ethical guidance to ensure our children are honest and have integrity in their actions. Being able to reflect on their actions and owning up to mishaps is essential in society and work. To incorporate this practical life skill, consider providing them with small delegated tasks and teaching them slowly about responsibility and teaching them about ownership of action when they do not own up to it.


My Playroom provide an assortment of educational toys fostering independent learning, and growth mindsets for children! Toys are children friendly and designed specifically with the purpose of teaching your child various skills using spatial concepts that incorporates elements of fun! Most importantly, our educational toys are also designed to help develop practical life skills for you to teach your children. As parents, we want our children to succeed, and by investing in their education we can provide them with the appropriate practical life skills for school and society. Purchase Montessori educational toys that facilitate these practical life skills today!

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