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Difference between Toys and Montessori Toys

Difference between Toys and Montessori Toys

Montessori toys have become quite popular with many parents looking to invest in their child’s education that can promote literacy skills, mathematical skills, art, facilitate creative minds as well as hone their fine motor skills. There are plentiful benefits from Montessori toys and their potential to provide children with a great form of education and fun! So, what is the difference between Montessori toys and normal toys? Let us have a quick dive into the marvel of Montessori Toys!

Designed to Montessori Philosophy

Montessori toys are designed with a singular purpose and focus to develop a particular area during the developmental periods of a child. Simple example can be a stackable tower with different dimensions that can be placed on top of each other. This Montessori toy prioritises the fine motor skills of a child and its ability to perceive the placement of blocks to ensure it does not topple. The Montessori Philosophy is the principle behind Montessori toys. Montessori toys are created to promote independence, foster freedom of movement and play. Quite literally a simple environment and philosophy that ultimately promotes an enhanced learning for children in the form of fun and entertainment. Montessori toys themselves are, in a different manner, unique and wonderful products compared to regular toys. Regular toys although are great for a child’s entertainment, provides limited to no form of education. Regular toys are designed simply for fun, whereas Montessori toys are designed with a purpose.

Natural, Simple and Purposeful

Montessori toys can be described to be made of natural materials, namely wood. Whilst this is true, not all wooden toy is a Montessori toys, however most Montessori toys are wooden toys. Montessori toys are designed with natural materials as they provide a unique sensory experience for a toddler or child and are extremely safe from an early age. Plastic toys can come off or scrape and can be accidentally swallowed by a toddler which can be highly dangerous. Moreover, due to being designed with natural materials, Montessori toys are more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Compared to plastic regular toys that can end up in the sea or act as pollutants. Montessori toys are also very simple in nature, they do not require batteries or lights or interactive technology. A simple toy that is easy to use and fun for a child is what a Montessori toy should be as it allows a child to understand the functions and use of the toy.


At My Playroom we provide an assortment Montessori toys to foster and facilitate the development of their brains with the aspect of fun. Learning combined with fun is what education should be for children at developmental stages, their creative imaginations are boundless, and they are easily able to understand and learn concepts.  Visit our website today to purchase Montessori toys for your child today!

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