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Educational Reasons why you should Purchase Qtoys - My Playroom

Educational Reasons why you should Purchase Qtoys

Qtoys have become increasingly popular among children and parents lately. The educational benefits they provide for children are acclaimed to be second to none. As a group under wooden educational toys, Qtoys are just one of many educational products that have important educational reasons to be purchased. Today we will look at the educational benefits that you should understand and be informed about when purchasing Qtoys.

Social Skills and Interaction

Qtoys are intentionally designed to facilitate open-ended play, allowing children to creatively express their imaginative ideas. They also come with the added benefit from an open-ended design by fostering social interaction among other toddlers and parents. Qtoys have an exciting personality where they are a puzzle of set of building blocks waiting to be utilised by a child’s creative and curious mind. With fellow toddlers of parents, a child can have its social skills and interactions fostered with Qtoys, creating an extroverted personality. Being able to express their ideas and designs allows for the development of language skills, social skills, as well as stimulates imagination and creativity.

Cognitive Development

Wooden toys such as Qtoys can assist in the cognitive development of a toddlers. According to research, Qtoys and other wooden educational toys can help children focus and significantly stimulate the development of their intellect. For instance, Qtoys that require building or putting pieces together to keep the shape or object stable. They also foster and strengthen an important but highly overlooked skill, creativity. As Qtoys are open-ended play, they encourage toddlers or children to use their imagination to create their ideas and bring out their imaginative minds at a young age. Many cognitive skills that can be developed involve, reasoning, mindful walking, counting, colour identification and shape identification.


The durability of wooden toys such as Qtoys is significantly greater than that of plastic toys. Many children and toddlers love to toss their toys around which can cause plastic toys to break off. Qtoys are more robust and significantly durable and can last for a long time, which allows them to have educational benefit for the next generation.


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