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Everything you Need to Know about Connetix Ball Run

Everything you Need to Know about Connetix Ball Run

The Connetix Ball run is a highly popular and creative instrument to the early development stages of a child. The Connetix Ball run has many attractive attributes and functionalities that teach kids fine motoring skills whilst developing their brains in a creative manner. The careful design of the Connetix ball run can be thought of as a child’s playground come to life. Connecting tubes and Connetix tiles all combined to create a playground for a ball run, it is truly as the name suggests a Connetix Ball Run. So let us have a little dive into the heavily popular Connetix Ball Run and see what it has for you and your children.

Learning is Fun!

The Connetix Ball Run boasts an impressive 106 pieces with 8 pastel wooden balls. All the tubes are clear tunnels allowing your children to follow the travelling of the ball with their creation. Gravity and motion can be a bit difficult for children to understand at a young age, but with the Connetix Ball Run they will be able to have a practical and surreal experience with the notions of these physics’ terminology. By designing a mechanism like slides or water loops, children will be able to use the Connetix Ball Run to have an abstract understanding of the workings of gravity and motion allowing them to create a masterpiece that allows them to see the ball travel to the end of their creation.

Children Friendly!

The Connetix Ball run tiles are created from non-toxic ABS plastic free from BPA and Phthalate. The Connetix Ball run tiles are also sealed and riveted for added safety giving you an ease of mind when your children play with the pieces from their Connetix Ball Run. Moreover, Connetix tiles are sturdy allowing them to be durable when children can be a bit rough with their toys. The Connetix Ball run tiles are also designed to offer a clear and beautiful refraction allowing your child to enjoy the wonders of light refractions and be obsessed with the Connetix Ball run, allowing them to have fun and learn without them realising.


At My Playroom we provide an assortment of educational toys for children. These educational toys cover many different creative and educational aspects of learning that infuses development with fun. Learning has never been more fun especially with the Connetix Ball run, design infinitely many balls run loops with your children and watch them creatively use their minds to create structures and pathways. All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Connetix Ball run today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.

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