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Five Tips for Building a Connetix Pastel Ball Run

Five Tips for Building a Connetix Pastel Ball Run

It's no secret that we absolutely love the Connetix Pastel Ball Run set. We believe it would be frustrating and too delicate for any real use when we first carried it. The fact proves that Connetix tiles' stronger magnets make the running of the balls possible and they are so much fun. Building the first few Connetix Pastel Ball Runs can be a little overwhelming, the following are our favorite tips:

  1. Browse #ConnetixPastelBallRun on Instagram for inspiration.This is a great way to build your first Connetix Pastel Ball Run. It's also great that your Connetix Pastel Ball Run kit comes with an inspiration book, but check Instagram for an almost endless supply of inspiration.
  2. Start from the end and work your way back.This allows you to test your Connetix Pastel Ball Run as you go, and has the added benefit of saving the higher (more prone to smash down) parts until the very end. We also like to put up a little “box” at the end of the run to catch the ball. In this way they don't shoot all over the room.
  3. Make sure you have enough squares.Small squares are usually the limiting factors for Connetix Pastel Ball Run based on experiences. Maybe you will need additional Connetix Pastel Ball Run set as a back-up if you meet such occasions. In My Playroom, we highly recommend Connetix Pastel Ball Run ESSENTIAL BUNDLE 106 Piece + 40 Piece Square or Connetix Pastel Ball Run Expansion 106 Piece Pack, which is a cost-effective way to expand your ball run possibilities.
  4. Don't get too tall too fast. You will have an unstable build or run out of squares too quickly if you go for too much height too fast. The tall build is fine for elder child, while be cautious when you have any toddler around. We insist on more horizontal building at the moment. Remember, a sliding tube gives the ball a lot of horizontal momentum, so you don't need to keep the ball moving downward.
  5. Try something new, see where it takes you. Keep in mind, your children are more creative than you are. These tips are mostly for parents, because we all know our children will come up with better ideas than the ones we find on Instagram. Have fun building yourself up, but also have fun seeing your children whatever cool ideas can come up with.

With our open-ended Connetix Pastel Ball Run Pack, the whole family can enjoy endless ball run designs plus explore the limitless potentials for your ball run pieces – from sensory runs, sorting tubes, mazes, and so much more!

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