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How to use Connetix Tiles for Literacy Activities - My Playroom

How to use Connetix Tiles for Literacy Activities

Literacy activities can be a bit dry and difficult to coerce a child into doing. Not many kids want to read or spell or learn about literacy the old-fashioned way. So why not reinvigorate and change their perspective of literacy using the Connetix Mega Pack! The Connetix Mega Pack boasts an impressive 212 tiles, using these tiles for a portion of literacy can be easily done with just a few ideas. So let us dive in and explain some of these literacy ideas you can implement for your child with just a few tiles from the Connetix Mega Pack! 

Letters and Alphabets

From the Connetix Mega pack, grab a few tiles and try organising them into different letters. Using these tiles, you can teach your child a few letters of the alphabet and get them to easily recognise the shapes. You can also use this opportunity to teach them how to pronounce each of these words allowing them to have fun learning the alphabet with their Connetix Mega Pack. Overtime when your child can form different letters from the Connetix Meg Pack, try teaching them the alphabetical order by getting them to arrange their letters they have created.

Spelling and Rhyming

Whilst Connetix tiles are used to connect, you can also write on them. Using the tiles from the Connetix Mega Pack, write a few basic words down and teach them spelling. You can get them to rearrange the words from the tiles from the Connetix Mega Pack which will teach them the importance of spelling and the ability to form words from a jumble or disorganised words. Moreover, you can teach them rhyming. When rhyming, write down some simple words on each tile and get them to think about other words that are similar in pronunciation.


At My Playroom we provide an assortment of Connetix educational toys to foster and facilitate the development of their brains with the aspect of fun. Connetix educational toys can cover a wide variety of interests and activities such as early literacy, early math, early science, musical instrument, arts, and craft. Purchase the Connetix Mega Pack today and get started with your child’s education!
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