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Inspirational Connetix Ball Runs

Inspirational Connetix Ball Runs

Connetix Pastel Runs are extremely popular and recommended for children of varying ages. After all at My Playroom, with an assortment of Connetix Pastel Runs, there is almost an unlimited amount of ways to create unique and inspiring Connetix ball runs. If your child is a little bit stuck of confused as to how to create a functional Connetix Pastel Run with all the objects they have, then consider a few of these suggestions that we have for you today!


Many children love robots or anything related to sci-fi. Utilising the Connetix Pastel Run, a child should start at the bottom and construct a sturdy base to support the legs and body of the robot that will allow them to weave the cylinders. The Connetix Pastel Run we recommend using is one of the mega packs, however a moderate expansion pack with around 100 pieces will work perfectly fine. The size of the robot should be carefully planned to use the limited parts of the Connetix Pastel Run, to construct the shape without any excess or shortage of parts.


3, 2, 1 lift off! The Connetix Pastel Run can be used to create a very complex looking spaceship with an intricate and properly designed ball run. The layout of the rocket can vary depending on the child’s imagination and desire to alter the ball run’s path, but this is one of the more creative and inspiring designs a child can create from their Connetix Pastel Run.

Rainbow Arch Run

The Rainbow Arch run is quite a complex shape that takes skill and perseverance to properly construct. This build is a very difficult challenge from the Connetix Pastel Run as your child will have to properly manage the arch without it toppling or falling whilst also incorporating the ball run into the build. A challenging task but a very amazing build to pull off with the limited parts in the Connetix Pastel Run.


A castle ball run is definitely a fairly simple idea, after all it is a rectangular shape, but the challenge comes where your child wants to direct the balls pathway. The Connetix Pastel Run your child can create can easily make a castle but incorporating the pathway for the ball run requires some problem solving and creative play.


My Playroom are the experts in providing quality educational toys that integral to fostering skills of a child’s skills whilst also being fun for them to play with! The Connetix Pastel Run set is highly popular among children and highly recommended by our team at My Playroom. All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Connetix Pastel Run today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.
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