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Our Top-3 Recommended Connetix Ball Runs

Our Top-3 Recommended Connetix Ball Runs

Has your child been nagging you about purchasing a connetix ball run or have you had moments deciding whether to purchase a connetix ball run for your child? Plenty of parents are in the same situation as you are, deciding on which connetix ball run to purchase for your child or having their kid beg for a connetix ball run. Connetix ball runs can be quite tricky when it comes to purchasing for your child as there are a variety of them, but fret not, we have you covered! Today we will list our top 3 recommended Connetix Ball runs that many parents and their children love to use!

Connetix Rainbow Ball Run 66 Piece

Our first recommended connetix ball run is our 2022 new expansion pack for 3+ year old children. This Connetix ball run is a great starter expansion pack for your child! With 36 squares in 6 different colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple), spiral tubes, double bowls, X tubes and other shaped tubes. The connetix rainbow new ball run 66 expansion pack is an extremely popular product that we offer on our website and many children love this set! Not only is it a perfect set for a toddler to learn and play but it is also a perfect expansion pack that can be combined with other connetix ball run packs and accessories when your child gets older!

Connetix Pastel Ball Run 80 Piece

The second connetix ball run we recommend and is extremely popular among children! This connetix ball run expansion pack comes with 48 connecting squares in 8 different colours! These colours are rose, berry, peach, mint, emerald, lemon, violet and sapphire, and not only is there an assortment of more colours there are more connecting tubes that can allow for more complex, longer and amazing connetix ball run designs! A great reason for why this is highly popular among children is due to the colours, the amount of connecting tubes given which allows them to effortlessly design larger mechanics and pathways for their connetix ball run.

Connetix Rainbow Ball Run Bundle

The last connetix ball run we recommend is the Connetix Rainbow COMPLETE BUNDLE Mega Pack! This connetix ball run expansion comes with a whopping 212 pieces!! That is a lot of pieces which can be led to an infinitesimal amount of connetix ball run designs! The expansion pack is a mega pack for a reason, it comes with a standard mega pack base plate and ball run! If your child has an extremely creative mind and loves designing circuits or requires more pieces, this mega pack bundle is one of the best packs for your money and a great investment for your child’s education!


At My Playroom we provide quality educational toys that are not only integral to fostering skills of a child but also enjoyable for them to use! With the Connetix Ball run, children can design infinitely many balls run loops and facilitate their creative minds to create structures and pathways. All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Connetix Ball Run today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.

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