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Pastel Mania Connetix Fun

Pastel Mania Connetix Fun

At My Playroom we aspire to provide an assortment of engaging, hands on and creative educational fun for you and your children! In particular, the Connetix Pastel creative pack is one of our most popular and highly recommended by parents and by us for purchasing and kickstarting your child’s early education! The Connetix Pastel creative pack is part of our Connetix expansion packs with unique tiles and colours from other Connetix ball run. Today we will investigate the Connetix Pastel creative pack that contains 120 pieces and let you know why you should purchase one for your child’s educational investment!

Facilitates Creative Play

With 120 pieces that comes in 8 unique pastel colours, the Connetix Pastel creative pack is designed to facilitate a child’s imagination and encourage them to be creative when playing. Creativity in current traditional schooling systems tend to divert the creative mindset of children. Children at a young age are free spirited, creative, and adept learners, however learning for them can be difficult as they dislike sitting still and rather have fun. With the Connetix Pastel creative pack, children can not only learn but also have fun expressing their creative mindsets, which helps develop their imagination and creative thinking. Creative thinking is an essential skill set to have in the future and the Connetix Pastel creative pack can assist children in developing and enhancing this mindset.

Limitlessly Fun for Hour

The Connetix Pastel creative pack’s 120 pieces and 8 different colours allows children to have limitless fun for hours on end. A child’s imagination is boundless and free, using their creativity, they can continuously enjoy building and manipulating the tiles of the Connetix Pastel creative pack to construct structures or objects of varying sizes and colours. Connetix Pastel’s other benefit compared to traditional toys is their ability to last longer. Children tend to get bored of conventional toys and as many of these toys are plastic and can break or have temporary life, Connetix Pastel creative pack tiles are durable and children friendly and will last them for a childhood.

Educational Development

Aside from the multiple pieces and unique pastel colours that comes associated with the Connetix Pastel creative pack, children are also developing essential life skills, curiosity and understanding of the world around them. Early child education is vital and skills such as perseverance, resilience and imagination are only some of the great benefits Connetix Pastel creative pack offers!


My Playroom are the experts in providing quality educational toys that integral to fostering skills of a child’s skills whilst also being fun for them to play with! Connetix Pastel allow children to design infinitely many balls run loops and facilitate their creative minds to create unique structures and pathways. Not only is Connetix Pastel Creative Pack one of the most popular educational toys, but they are also one of the best educational toys for children! All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Connetix Pastel Pack today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.
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