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Perfect Presents for Babies

Perfect Presents for Babies

As a new parent, you often wonder at times what is the perfect present for a baby or how do you develop a child’s learning habits and education to assist them in our schooling system. Heck, is there even a perfect present for a baby? There may not be a supposed ‘perfect’ present for babies, however in our current modern day and age, the closets resemblance to perfection are wooden educational toys. The concept of wooden educational toys is thanks to Montessori educational toys. Wooden educational toys are natural materials and sustainable and safe. So, for a parent, wooden educational toys may be the most perfect gift and most natural decision to purchase. So let us look at why they are the perfect present for babies.

Great for the Environment

Wooden educational toys are great for the environment as they are manufactured from natural materials such as wood. Wood itself is renewable, biodegradable, and recyclable. If you want to lower your carbon footprint, wooden educational toys are always a better option than conventional plastic toys. During manufacture, wooden educational toys produce significantly less waste, and any remains can be used as fuel or sawdust.

Last Longer

Wooden educational toys do last longer than plastic toys. They are also easier to repair or fix and can be enjoyed for generations in families. Plastic toys are less durable, not biodegradable and tend to break easily especially with a baby’s rough play. Wooden educational toys thanks to being made from wood is far more durable and will last a lifetime. Your children can pass their toys onto their own children for generation all whilst learning about the underlying world around them.

Safer for Babies

Babies are innately curious. This is quite standard where they put things in their mouths. As parents, this is the most concerning as we want to prevent them from putting things into their mouth especially if it is harmful substance or bacteria. Wooden educational toys are perfect for eliminating this fear! Wood is a natural material and will not have any BPA or toxic substances on their surfaces, so if a baby were to put it in their mouth, it will be fine.


Wooden educational toys have different scents and feel to the skin as well as sound. Knocking against other objects makes different sounds, the scent and feel to the baby will keep them curious and playing for hours. Moreover, wooden educational toys can be shaped to form a variety of different toys, allowing your baby to have immense fun whilst developing fine motor skills.


My Playroom provide an assortment of educational toys fostering independent learning, and growth mindsets for children! Wooden Educational Toys at My Playroom are children safe and purposefully designed for a child’s education with spatial concepts in numeracy skills, science, literacy, art, and music! Buy Wooden Educational Toys today and give your child a worthy investment education!

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