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*Free Shipping above $89* *Free Express Shipping above $149* Exclusion Apply
Qtoys Benefits

Qtoys Benefits

The creation of Qtoys bases itself as a pioneering method for early childhood education compared to traditional formal schooling practises. Qtoys are like Montessori toys in that they facilitate and encourage creative educational play, allowing a child’s mind to strengthen in creative thinking and other important functional motor skills. Today we will have a brief look into the various benefits that Qtoys offers for children and their educational development.  


The various Qtoys products have a high-quality finish in part due to the expert hand craftmanship. The high-quality finish on Qtoys allows for a durable product that can withstand rough play by children. Not only does this allow to be passed to future generations or reselling, but also a safe product for children as it will not tear or breakdown easily unlike plastic toys.

Ethical Trade Practice

The manufacturing of Qtoys adhered to an ethical and legal trade of hiring and employing skilled craftsmen. There is no exploitation of workers, nor are they working in poorly equipped and highly dangerous factories. The manufacturing of Qtoys adheres to a standard ethical trade of practice that allows you to know you are supporting a morally responsible and ethical company. People employed are given a job allowing them to have stable income and be more independent, especially for disabled employees. Qtoys ensures that all employed individuals are entitled to adequate and appropriate training whilst entitling them to working benefits.

Environmentally Friendly

Planting more trees and using wood products are a step in combatting climate crisis. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen during photosynthesis. A natural storage of carbon dioxide, timber can keep the carbon dioxide inside for roughly 30 years, creating a deficit of carbon dioxide emissions as they get absorbed. Qtoys are manufactured from rubber and acacia trees or Bamboo.


My Playroom is a quality educational toy shop providing highly affordable and popular educational toys for parents of Metropolitan Melbourne and Interstate! As an educational toy shop, we aspire to provide our customers and parents with unique educational toys for their child’s education and development. Therefore, we have on offer Qtoys! Qtoys is by far one of the most meaningful toys to purchase, not only are these toys perfect for the development of children but they also greatly contribute to and assist families in need in Nepal. Visit our website today to purchase quality educational Qtoys toys for your child today!

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