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Quality Connetix Mega Pack for Early Education - My Playroom

Quality Connetix Mega Pack for Early Education

The Connetix Mega Pack is a staple product from My Playroom. An astounding 212 pieces assorted with the 6 colours! Many parents have stated that their children love their new Connetix Mega Pack, after all the Connetix Mega Pack truly allows children to creatively play and create various structures and shapes. Today we will look at what is in the Connetix Mega Pack, as well as the supposed benefits it provides for a child’s early development.


The Connetix Mega Pack consists of 6 hexagonal pieces, 12 large squares, 36 small squares, 36 equilateral triangles, 36 isosceles triangles, 36 right angle triangles, 12 rectangles, 12 door squares, 12 window squares, 12 fences and 2 purple cars. With a weight of only 7.5kg, the Connetix Mega Pack is clearly the ultimate starter set providing endless possibilities for creative and independent learning. Not only does Connetix Mega Pack encourage creative play, fostering a vivid imagination, but also allows them to create ideas into physical reality.

Benefits of Connetix Mega Pack

There are a variety of benefits from a child playing with a Connetix Mega Pack. A child can develop fine motor skills, allowing them to practise working with the small muscles in their hands and fingers which tie into tasks such as writing, dexterity, toning muscles and stamina. An important element of Connetix Mega Pack is that they also develop problem solving skills. Connetix Mega Packs are simple with basic shapes and patterns, children must figure out how to constructively play with the Connetix tiles to create structures and ideas. A very important skill learnt from Connetix Mega Packs is hand eye coordination. Children are able to identify where certain tiles must join or connect the tiles together in order to build simple to complex structures which comes from manipulating pieces into place. Another very important skill is perseverance. Connetix Mega Packs can allow children to learn the difficulties of struggling and obstacles and learn to overcome them patiently. The importance of failure as a pathway to success will allow them to carry this mindset well into their future and education.


My Playroom are the experts in providing quality educational toys that integral to fostering skills of a child’s skills whilst also being fun for them to play with! The Connetix Mega Pack is the ultimate starter pack for early child educational development. All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Connetix Mega Pack today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.
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