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The Benefit of Connetix Tiles to Children’s Development

The Benefit of Connetix Tiles to Children’s Development

Connetix tiles can facilitate a child’s imagination as well as act as a form of learning that allows children to tackle and understand concepts, develop their understanding, and interact with the changes that they may encounter. Connetix are boundless for their ability to provide children with learning whilst indulging in a child’s creative mind. So today, let us have a look into the various benefits that Connetix tiles can have in the development of children and their education.

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the use of the small muscles in our hands, fingers and wrist and is the ability to make controlled and fine movements using them. Connetix tiles are perfect for developing a child’s fine motor skills. Due to the magnetic attraction between Connetix tiles, children are encouraged by their magnetic properties to manipulate and manoeuvre the Connetix tiles into different places or positions to create different structures or objects. Fine motor skills can be easily developed using Connetix tiles and by strengthening these muscles, they help improve the development of the hand muscles for writing

Problem Solving

Connetix tiles can facilitate that ability to improve problem solving for children. Problem solving is the ability to solve questions or issues effectively and quickly. Connetix tiles facilitate this ability as children must think before they build. This type of engagement is fun and promotes a creative manner of problem solving. Connetix tiles challenges them to think and process during the building process.

Hand Eye Coordination

Hand eye coordination involves the ability to perceive with the eyes and using the hands to do tasks or an activity. Connetix tiles can facilitate this skill for children as they must know where to attach the tiles to create different shapes but also to allow for the magnets to work between each Connetix tile. Moreover, children are able to enhance their hand eye coordination by building complex pieces and structures as they are requiring to build carefully and use pieces in a certain way, without collapsing their structure.


At My Playroom we provide an assortment of Connetix educational toys to foster and facilitate the development of their brains with the aspect of fun. Learning combined with fun is what education should be for children at developmental stages, their creative imaginations are boundless, and they are easily able to understand and learn concepts.  All Connetix educational toys we provide can cover a wide variety of interests and activities such as early literacy, early math, early science, musical instrument, arts and craft. Visit our website today to see what Connetix toys are perfect for your child’s development!

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