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What are Grimm’s Toys?

What are Grimm’s Toys?

On a surface level Grimm’s toy is a family owned manufactured focusing on managing sustainability in the production of high quality, safe and natural wooden toys for children. Grimm’s toy boasts durable wooden toys with immaculate designs that facilitates the importance of child development and creativity for an early education. The development of Grimm’s toys is based off the principles of Waldorf education as well as other educational stances such as the Montessori education. With unique elements of nature and touch, Grimm’s toys are an excellent choice for children’s early education. Today we will discuss what are Grimm’s toys and their mission is about.

Age Appropriate for Development

Grimm’s toys are not just about having fun, they are for facilitating the creative nature and potential of a child that will be carried on throughout their life. The creation of Grimm’s toys is beautifully and artistically crafted quality toys that allows children to play, learn and experience. The use of Grimm’s toys is to inspire passion and an earnest attitude towards learning with enjoyment rather than make playing exclusively a matter of age. As such, Grimm’s toys are deliberately crafted for the development of children, their safety and experience. Experiences can range from sensory perception, fine motor skills, independent decision making, creative thinking as well as spending time for family. These ideas are just but a few important factors that Grimm’s toys stride to produce and promote for children and families.


Grimm’s toys have claimed themselves as a sustainable manufacturer and pride themselves in their responsibility on the environment and the interactions of the people who live in that environment. The design of Grimm’s toys is immaculately designed that is sustainable in sourcing material as well as being long-lasting that allows it to exist for a long time. Sourcing material includes wood from sustainably managed forests as well as designs that will become a faithful companion for children and adults. Grimm’s toys are not solely limited towards an age factor consideration, but more the creative mindset and sustainability that can be passed onwards for generations to come and succeed.  Grimm’s toys also strive to be resourceful and promotes sustainable packing and recycling with their products, demonstrating a concern and passion for the environment and its future.


My Playroom are the experts in providing quality educational toys that integral to fostering skills of a child’s skills whilst also being fun for them to play with! Grimm’s toys are unique toys that can be found almost anywhere in Europe Germany. Now Grimm’s Toys are finally here in Australia! Grimm’s toys allow children to have a lifetime partner and company that can be taken into adulthood and passed down. All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Grimm’s Toy today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.
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