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What are Qtoys? - My Playroom

What are Qtoys?

Qtoys is part of an Australian owned company known as Quins Group offering eco friendly wooden educational toys, teaching tools and children’s furniture since 2005. The company has a brand of products that fall under the category of Qtoys and are intentionally designed to encourage critical thinking, problem solving, independence as well as playful fun. Children can explore and engage in a learning and adaptive playstyle that is encouraging and exciting with Qtoys! The development of children and early education is important and promotes curiosity and many other important factors. Today we will have a little insight into what Qtoys are and their purpose in providing educational toys for children.

Environmentally Friendly

Qtoys are specifically made from plantation or recycled timber. As a company that is passionate about being sustainable and environmentally friendly, Qtoys is the company’s efforts in establishing a zero-waste target. The Qtoys that are crafted and created from plantation and recycled timber are beautiful, immaculate, and well designed. Not only do Qtoys facilitate open minded play and education, but they are also highly durable and environmentally friendly. Qtoys are just a few toys on the market that make a significant improvement and positive impact on the environment. A few materials that Qtoys are made from are plantation rubber trees, acacia timber, coconut trees, bamboo, and recycled branches of either rubber or acacia trees. Many of these natural materials are taken from sustainable and resourceful managing. Take bamboo for instance, it can easily grow to its full height in 3 to 5 years and are harvested and repeated. Bamboo is biodegradable but it may take years due to its sturdiness, shredding bamboo will speed this process and can also be used for other purposes such as construction.


Qtoys are manufactured in the strict guidelines of the Australian Safety Standards. Not only are Qtoys manufactured to be child friendly, nontoxic, but they are also manufactured in consideration of the environment and undergo frequent testing. Moreover, Qtoys are up to standard with American and European safety standards to ensure that children all over the world can play with Qtoys. As Qtoys are made of the natural material of wood, children or babies are guaranteed to be in safe hands when playing with these objects. Wood is nontoxic and natural, so when a baby decides to put a Qtoy in their mouth due to curiosity they will not experience adverse reactions or life-threatening situations.


My Playroom provide an assortment of educational toys fostering independent learning, and growth mindsets for children! Qtoys are one of the most popular and heavily invested educational instruments parents buy for their children’s education and development. Qtoys at My Playroom are children safe and purposefully designed for a child’s education with spatial concepts in numeracy skills, science, literacy, art, and music! Buy Qtoys today and give your child a worthy investment education!

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