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What are Tara Treasures? - My Playroom

What are Tara Treasures?

Tara treasures are products designed in Melbourne and handmade in a cottage industry in Nepal. Created by artisans and communities earning fair wages and made of wool felt from New Zealand, Tara treasures are among some of the most unique toys available on the market. Designed to be simplistic with detail and child friendly, Tara Treasures are one of the most popular choices among parents and toy manufacturers. Afterall, Tara Treasures aims to provide for the social good of other individuals and communities. Today we will investigate what Tara Treasures is and their mission in the toy industry market and what they aim to do.

Spreading Social Awareness

Tara treasures are quite a purposeful and meaningful toy. The vision of Tara treasures is to spread social awareness to the lives and homes of people that live in third world country, poverty, or difficult circumstances. Tara treasures creates this spread of social awareness through social consumerism. Many products that are categorised as Tara treasures are crafted ethically through special collaboration with the cottage industries in Nepal. Many communities, families, and individuals in the cottage industry in Nepal have significantly benefited from Tara Treasures and their aspiring purpose to bring social awareness to the industry. Not only is Tara Treasures meaningful and educational for children, but they are also meaningful in their vision. The vision being to highlight the lifestyle and homes of people in the cottage industry in Nepal.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly

Tara Treasures is made from natural and sustainable material where they are designed in Melbourne. These natural materials are natural wool felt. This wool felt is sustainable and a renewable fibre. This implies that Tara Treasures is also eco-friendly, ethically manufactured and environmentally friendly. The material of Tara treasures allows it to be biodegradable too! Natural wool felt is made from natural wool, it has great properties, being highly flame retardant, dampening properties, temperature regulating and repellent of dirt and moisture. As it is made from natural wool, it is sustainable as sheep can simply regrow their wool which is trimmed and used for more products.


My Playroom is a quality educational toy shop providing highly affordable and popular educational toys for parents of Metropolitan Melbourne and Interstate! As an educational toy shop, we aspire to provide our customers and parents with unique educational toys for their child’s education and development. Therefore, we have on offer Tara Treasures! Tara Treasures is by far one of the most meaningful toys to purchase, not only are these toys perfect for the development of children but they also greatly contribute to and assist families in need in Nepal. Visit our website today to purchase quality educational Tara Treasure toys for your child today!

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