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What is Montessori Furniture

What is Montessori Furniture

Many parents and children have purchased Montessori Toys and Montessori furniture and we have already covered the topic of what is a Montessori Toy. However, what exactly defines a Montessori Furniture and their importance in the development of a child’s education. Today we will answer these questions regarding Montessori Furniture.

The Definition of Montessori Furniture

Simply put, Montessori Furniture are child sized furniture designed to facilitate and foster independence in children by allowing them to take ownership and responsibility for the space. Majority of Montessori furniture pieces are designed to meet the needs and requirements of children, allowing them to participate in family activities and learn from the environment they find themselves situated in. Montessori Furniture are thus designed intentionally to allow parents to facilitate the learning process at home, teaching their children about responsibility, ownership of their own space, independence and many other important skills and lessons!

Why are Montessori Furniture Important?

The development and educational growth of a child is deeply rooted at home and is one of the most important environments to instil discipline. To facilitate such responsibility and skills, Montessori furniture plays an important role in fostering these skills, as they are designed to teach them about independence, build self confidence and encourage them to become interested in their surroundings. Adult sized furniture requires the assistance of adults, however with Montessori Furniture, children can emulate being in adults’ shoes as they play. Some Montessori furniture are also designed to help infants or toddlers learn to pull themselves up, stand, walk and other important motor skills. Skills such as reading or studying and cooking can also help foster these important skills, by allowing them to participate, organise or structure their area with the appropriate Montessori Furniture. For example, Montessori furniture such as shelves, provide a creative outlet for children by allowing them to customise and lay out the shelves to their liking, as well as fostering a passion for books and studying. Many parents may also consider that protecting or shielding children from certain activities is for their benefit, however with Montessori furniture such as cooking, children are able to learn in a safe and controlled environment and are able to ask for help rather than be afraid of failure or not attempting. This will greatly contribute to their love for learning and curious mindset.


My Playroom are the experts in providing quality educational toys that integral to fostering skills of a child’s skills whilst also being fun for them to play with! Montessori Furniture is part of an extensive range of quality educational toys that will foster growth and development in children. The Montessori Furniture available provide a prepared environment for children to learn and develop and are guaranteed to be an investment worthy education for a child’s future. All educational toys are children friendly and safe and are guaranteed to maximise fun with learning! Get your Montessori Furniture today or contact us for any questions regarding our selection of educational toys.
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