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Why do I choose to buy Grimms products? - My Playroom

Why do I choose to buy Grimms products?

Why buy Grimms? We believe most parents had got this question. Everything you buy is a personal choice. We all weigh our budgets according to the needs of our families. In this blog, we are going to explain why we choose Grimms products.

  1. They look good.

The first reason is that most parents are drawn to Grimms toys as they all look good. After days spent endless housework, what the most parents crave is being able to see something with good look. The Grimms toys are more beautiful in real life, hence the mild obsession.

  1. The children are happy to play with Grimms toys.

It's not enough to look good. Hands up if you've bought a toy that has been only played with a few times? The research show that if a child has achieved mastery of an item, they would stop using it. Does that make you think things are going well too? That’s quite true, once it stops being challenging, it stops being fascinating. Grimms toys belong to that glorious category of toys titled “open ended.” Overall, this means that children can do whatever they like with them. So when there is no finish line or end to mastery, they continue playing.

  1. There is no direction or must-do.

Many children are tired of rules and directions. Can you blame them? More directions can be suffocating as people keep telling them what to do no matter where they go. The Grimms toys allow them to go where their own imagination leads. Parents, keep quiet and let them. Nothing kills a child's interest in a toy like a parent interrupting to tell them how they “should” play with it. There's a group of kids who can't cope without directions and guidance. When things are done right, they can calm down. For these children it's possible to luminate the little card that came with the gift and print out some ideas from Pinterest or Instagram for them to copy. It's also a great start for children who have never played with open ended toys before.

  1. Almost anything goes with it.

The Grimms toys can be used with almost anything as they are open ended toys as long as the adults allow them. Wooden toys don't always have to be played with wooden toys. Have the children bring in leaves and sticks from outside, or matchbox cars, marbles, Legos, Duplo, puzzle piece numbers, teddy or whatever else they want from the toy box to use with the Grimms toys. Avoid limiting fun and games (other than asking the child to be friendly). There's no need to throw everything away to build a Grimms collection, or start buying open ended toys.

  1. Vibrant colors or natural calm.

The natural Grimms products are a calming influence on people visually, and the color tends to energize them. We often changed our toy shelf to fit our desired mood. We are absolutely influenced by our visual environment. There is something about the order and look of Grimms toys that make them good to be around. The order on the toy shelf somehow inspires parents to control and organize the rest of their home, hence less stressed.

Grimms products are natural, sustainable, non-toxic, with no sharp bits, are suitable for all ages and help develop good spatial awareness, and both gross and fine motor muscles. The weight of Grimms products made them great sensory tools for sensory kids and the texture is cute and inexplicable. The unique pieces made the Grimms products more and more popular, a lot parents welcome the Grimms products into their home and expect these gorgeous pieces will be part of their family's play for generations to come.

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