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Why Grimm’s Toys are An Amazing Investment

Why Grimm’s Toys are An Amazing Investment

Founded in 1978 by husband and wife team, Grimm's Spiel und Holz Design, Grimm's Toys is a German-based company that produces high-quality wooden toys that are designed to inspire creativity and imagination in children. Ever since the founding of Grimm’s Toys, the toy company has flourished into one of the most well-known brands in the toy industry. Today we will look at a few Grimm’s Toys suggestions we recommend for parents to purchase and why we think they are an amazing investment for children.

Natural and Unique

Grimm's Toys are known for two things. Incorporating unique and colourful designs into toys as well as manufacturing them from natural materials such as wood and non-toxic dyes. The toys are designed to be simple and engaging, with an emphasis on facilitating open-ended play. Grimm’s Toys are thus perfect for children to use and hone their creativity to come up with their own stories and scenarios, rather than being confined to specific instructions or rules.

Rainbow Stacker

One of Grimm’s Toys most popular toys is the Rainbow Stacker. Consisting of only a set of wooden arches in bright rainbow colours, this toy is designed to be simple and stackable in a variety of patterns. Children are highly encouraged to use their vivid imagination to create different structures and patterns, promoting creative open-ended play and honing their spatial-awareness skills.

Wooden Blocks Set

These wooden blocks come in various shapes and sizes. This Grimm’s Toy can be used to build complex structures such as towers, castles, or whatever the child imagines. There are no set rules or instructions for how to use the blocks, which encourages children to utilise their creativity

Puzzle Games

Grimm’s Toys also produces a range of puzzles and games for children to enjoy. From jigsaw puzzles to memory games, these educational toys are designed to be fun and engaging. As a bonus, they are designed to be played in groups, promoting social skills and communication among peers.

Sustainability Commitment

Something that sets Grimm's Toys apart from other toy brands is their commitment to sustainability. The company uses only natural materials in their toys, such as wood, wool, and cotton, and all their products are made in Germany.


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