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Free Shipping above $89 *exclusions apply

EasyRead Time Teacher Alarm Clock Red and Blue 24 hour Face 5yrs+

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2 days! That is all it took…and my eldest (who was struggling to tell the time) had nailed it! Telling the time like a pro and loved every second of the learning process with her EasyRead Watch & Clock

The EasyRead Time Teacher Alarm Clock is a fully functioning alarm clock that also helps children learn to tell the time using our simple 3-step teaching system.
Step 1: Read the number at the end of the long hand.
Step 2: Say “minutes to” if it’s pointing to the red side of the clock, or say “minutes past” if it’s pointing to the green side.
Step 3: Read the number at the end of the short hand.
Like this: 8…minutes to…2. It’s that easy!



  • EasyRead Time Teacher children’s electronic alarm clock with night light
  • Ideal for children age 5+.
  • Designed to help children learn to tell the time.
  • Supplied with a simple step-by-step teaching method, consistent with other EasyRead Time Teacher clocks and wrist watches.
  • Crescendo alarm, which starts with a gentle beep and gets progressively more urgent until it is turned off.
  • Snooze button disables the alarm for 5 minutes before it starts again.
  • Built-in light sensor controls the brightness of the clock face, which glows gently in the dark.
  • Pressing the Snooze button makes the clock face glow brighter, strong enough to see items on the bedside table.
  • Silent sweep movement so there is no annoying ticking.
  • Ideal for a bedside clock.


  • 12 cm diameter
  • Battery operated – takes 3 AA batteries (not supplied).

Age Suitability 5+