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Free Shipping above $89 *exclusions apply

Merino Wool Fleece 100gm Mixed Colour Pack

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SKU 3534762206
Option: Merino Wool Fleece Pack Only

100% Merino wool top fleece in an assortment of colours is your essential craft supply for needle felting wet felting felt art toy and doll making and felt pictures.

Option to Add Dry Felting Needle 7 Pc Set

Dry Felting Needle with a sharp barbed end, used in the creation of 2D and 3D dryyfelting projects. Use felting needle in an upright position, andywith an up and down agitating action the barbed needle pokes throughythe wool which causes the fibres to interlace and bond together (felt).y Always useywith thick dense foam or a dry felting brush underneath work to prevent skin pricking. 

NB: Work needle upright not slanted to avoid breakage. Instruct students on the correct way to use these needles to prevent mishaps.yKeep your fingers out of the path of the felting needle!