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Free Shipping above $89 *exclusions apply

Ooly Markers 8 Pastel Liners with Fine Tip and chisel tip double ended 6yrs+

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SKU IA-130-054S12

Pastel Dual Tip Markers: Double the Fun in Delicate Hues – Set of 8


Product Description:
Experience the charm of soft, delicate hues with the Pastel Dual Tip Markers. This set encapsulates eight gorgeous pastel markers, each designed with dual functionalities. One end boasts a 5mm chisel tip, perfect for highlighting your notes in elegant pastel tones. Flip it over, and a 3mm fine tip awaits, ideal for sketching, drawing, colouring, or jotting down your thoughts. Whether you’re an artist, a student, or just someone who loves the allure of pastels, these markers will be a delightful addition to your stationery collection.

Key Features:

🌟 Versatile Dual Tips: Navigate seamlessly between highlighting and intricate artwork with the dual-tip design.

🖍 Soft Pastel Tones: Immerse yourself in a world of muted colours that bring a touch of sophistication to any project.

🎨 Sketch, Draw, and Highlight: With the fine tip and chisel tip on hand, your creative options are boundless.

Why Choose Pastel Dual Tip Markers?
For those who love the understated elegance of pastels combined with multipurpose functionality, these markers are a dream come true.

Age 6+

8 dual-tip markers

5mm chisel tip with a 3mm fine tip marker