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Bonding with Children with Connetix

Bonding with Children with Connetix

Children are at the most important stages for development when they are growing. They are easily able to learn difficult concepts and can absorb at rates many times faster than adults. They are at the height of their creative imaginations. To foster and ensure their gifted abilities are nurtured and exercised, Connetix tiles are a guaranteed success to not only provide a fun environment of learning but also to bond with them. We highly recommend the Connetix Tiles 100 piece set, enough pieces for children to develop many skills whilst also bonding with them by watching them play.

Connetix tiles facilitates unstructured play or free play. This type of activity and fun allows children to dictate how they want to use their tiles from the Connetix Tiles 100 piece set. In doing so they allow their creative imagination to roam free and move at their desired pace. Often, they will also want to play with you and bond. Connetix Tiles 100 Piece Set is the perfect bonding time for you and your child! Sometimes physical activities or other activities you might have in plan might not be what your child wants, sometimes they might want to play with their Connetix Tiles 100 piece set and build with you.

Connetix Tiles 100 piece set creates a perfect environment for learning, fun and bonding with children. The imagination of a child is limitless and can be expressed in their creative constructions and as parents, being by their side and watching them problem solve or create such creative works is all part of the bonding process. Time to time you may find yourself helping them out or you may even be amazed by their ability to process, and problem solve tasks.


At My Playroom we provide an assortment of Connetix educational toys to foster and facilitate the development of their brains with the aspect of fun. Learning combined with fun is what education should be for children at developmental stages, their creative imaginations are boundless, and they are easily able to understand and learn concepts.  Visit our website today to purchase the Connetix Tiles 100 piece set today!
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