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Montessori is a systematic form of education catered towards young children that specialises in developing their natural interests and activities rather than strictly adhering to the formal traditional methods of education. Wooden educational toys are used in Montessori and allows for children to develop in a supportive and well-prepared learning environment. Traditional education methods such as grading, and testing can be considered archaic and ill-suited for children.

The use of Montessori toys provides many benefits and promotes different areas of interests for children whereby traditional education will shun or disregard these areas. Montessori toys can cover a wide variety of areas such as creative thinking, artistic craftsmanship, social interaction, and many other important skillsets that traditional education ignores or disregards. A child’s development is at the forefront of their education and providing them with a unique education such as Montessori toys is a great start! Montessori toys are not only safe for children, but they are able to be fun as well as educational for children. The only manner to be able to educate children whilst allowing them to have fun in a unique and different way from the norm is with Montessori toys.

At My Playroom we provide an assortment of wooden educational toys or Montessori Toys. All Montessori toys we provide are adequate for children and facilitating a supportive and independent learning environment for them to develop and learn! Checkout our selection of Montessori toys today!

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