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Jo Collier Betty the Bumble bee Print A5

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Meet Betty the Bumblebee. She makes the perfect addition to any playroom or nature loving kid’s bedroom. A great piece of art to encourage conversations on why bees are so important. Bee’s are pollinators and without them plants would not be able to grow and multiply. Did you know that Bumblebees flap their wings 200 times a second!! Also they do not die when they sting you. The male bumblebee does not have a stinger at all and the female is not very aggressive. So if you leave them alone, you are pretty safe. 

All prints are produced from an original watercolour painting. They are printed on 270gsm beautiful card stock.

Please note any props, picture frames and decorations are not included with the print. Please be aware that colours may vary between computer screens/photo filters and prints.