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Laminated Butterflies Specimens Light Box Resources

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These laminated specimens encourage children to explore, investigate and develop ideas about the world around them. They are a great resource in combination with a light box or can be used as a display on windows.


Children will be fascinated with the shape, patterns and colour of the beautiful wings of the 10 Laminated Butterflies.


Each of these real-life specimens is laminated between 2 sheets of clear plastic.
The Laminated Butterflies measure 110 x 100mm.

The common name of each specimen  the scientific name is included on the A4 guide.


Laminated Butterflies set includes 10 specimens:
Great Orange Tip, Spotted Sawtooth, Red Helen, Jungle Queen, Red Orange Tip, Blue Tiger, China Newab, Maackii Peacock, Plain Tiger and Swallow Tail.
A4 Guide