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Life Cycle Specimens of a Honeybee 6yrs+

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These life cycle metamorphosis specimens set allow children to get up close, see real-life examples and examine them in detail. Each specimen is encased in indestructible resin and can safely be used by young children, something they usually wouldn’t see from such a small distance. They are an excellent resource to promote scientific inquiry and investigation. The Mini Beasts work great on a lightbox or in combination with a magnifier.


This set shows the development of the Honey Bee in five stages.

Not only can students find out how bees develop from eggs to either a drone, queen or worker, they also will examine how honey is made.  

  1. Eggs, larva, and pupa,
  2. Foundation and honeycomb
  3. Drone, Worker, and Queen 
  4. Worker bee in action on a flower, together with Pollen
  5. Beeswax, real honey, and pollen. 


Links to Australian Curriculum:

For maths: They provide an opportunity for children to – identify similarities and differences.

Science curriculum: “Living things have life cycles” “Sorting information and classifying objects based on easily observable characteristics with teacher guidance”  “Living things have a variety of external features”  “Living things can be grouped on the basis of observable features and can be distinguished from non-living things” 

Also closely linked to Art, and language Curriculums.


 The set is supplied in a handy storage and display box. Each block is 75 x 40mm.