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Montessori Mobile -- Munari the 1st of the 4 Essential Montessori Mobiles (Plastic Ball)

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The Munari is the first baby visual mobile in the Montessori Visual Mobile Series.


Since newborn baby's visual sense is limited, it is recommended mobile should be hung low (10-12" above baby), in order to get best results.

This geometric mobile is the ideal first mobile for a baby. 1 in a series of 4 to align with how babies eyesight develops gradually over the first year.

Newborn babies are unable to see color, so this mobile is designed in black and white - to have high contrast between shades, and uses shapes and proportions to help kindle a child’s inherent mathematical sense. This mobile is lightweight, and will have slow movement with the airflow in the room, which helps promote visual tracking and concentration.

Although recommended for the first six weeks, this mobile can be left hanging and will captivate and bring joy to your baby for long after.