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Papoose Felt Yum Cha Play Food Set of 31

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SKU P/P772

This set contains all our Yum Cha food items.

The food:

4 Zhongzi, 3 Chunjuan, 3 Shaomai, 3 Baozi, 3 Tangsanjiao, 3 Mantou, 3 Green/White Jiaozi and 3 each Pink, Pumpkin and Green Jiaozi.

Originally Yum Cha is a range of small food items, steamed, fried or deep fried, that older Chinese share together after their morning excercise. Of course, now everyone can enjoy these delicious morsels.

This is a full set of Papoose Felt Yum Cha food. Perfect match with the Papoose Felt Steamer Basket, sold seperately.