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Hand made Djembe Drum - 40cm

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The 40cm Junior Djembe is a little pocket rocket of a drum; perfect for primary school aged children aged 4 – 8yrs. Its size, sound and durability make it a very popular drum to start them on their djembefola journey. It’s also very lightweight, so kids won’t have any trouble carrying it.

Available in light or dark finish. Each drum is unique, so external carvings vary.

40cm Djembe

Wood………………. Mahogany
Skin…………………  Goatskin (lime wash, not-irradiated!)


About The Indo Series

This series is produced by our team in Indonesia, offering quality djembes at affordable prices. We work closely with our suppliers and craftspeople to produce quality drums, based on our many years of experience in West Africa and here in Australia. We only offer drums we’re happy to play ourselves! Our Indo Series drums are covered under the same warranty as our top shelf African djembes, so you can shop with confidence.

We use quality high tensile nylon-core yachting rope that won’t slip. Good rope allows your drum to stay tuned for longer and needs less ongoing maintenance.

Our premium goat skins are cleaned naturally so they retain their natural oils, sound and durability. They sound great.

Carved from solid sustainably-sourced mahogany. With continued evolution in design and playability, our shells offer affordability without compromising on quality

Easy to play
A well-rounded playing edge – our signature “Comfort Curve” – makes these drums a dream to play, and the ropes and rings are set with plenty of clearance.



The discoloration in the skin is natural. This is simply natural pigment from the skin. Goats are not unlike humans in that they have all kinds of markings on their skins. We prefer not to use bleached white skins as they are much weaker and don’t last as long, this is also what separates us from other low-quality djembes, which use bleached skins that have been drenched in chemicals to remove all the hair. They also don’t sound as good. You may be able to use some light sandpaper to remove the colour a little if you prefer a completely white look.