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Hape Observation Habitat 4yrs+

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  • Insect study center
  • Lid features a magnifying glass and the base has a grid for measuring specimens
  • Capture and release different insects
  • Includes hand strap and vents to keep insects alive
  • Made from sustainable biomass (non oil based) plastic.Encourages children to be active and to be in nature.Helps children learn about animals and insects

Unleash your inner naturalist and embark on a journey of discovery with our Observation Habitat. This unique and interactive tool allows you to explore the wonders of the natural world, observe creatures in their habitats, and connect with the beauty of nature up close.


  1. Transparent Design: The Observation Habitat features a transparent and durable acrylic structure that provides a clear and unobstructed view of the plants, insects, and small creatures inside.

  2. Ventilation and Accessibility: Designed with ventilation holes and an easy-access lid, the habitat ensures the comfort and well-being of the organisms you observe while allowing you to add or remove specimens with ease.

  3. Educational Exploration: Whether you're studying insects, observing plant growth, or simply connecting with nature, the Observation Habitat offers a hands-on and educational experience for nature enthusiasts of all ages.

  4. Portable and Versatile: Lightweight and easy to carry, this habitat is suitable for indoor and outdoor exploration. Take it to the backyard, on hikes, or even to the classroom for immersive nature lessons.

  5. Sturdy and Safe: Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, the Observation Habitat is built to withstand the elements and ensure the well-being of the organisms you observe.