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*Free Shipping above $89* *Free Express Shipping above $149* Exclusion Apply

IQ Plus Guiro Tone Block - 19cm

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Designed to play guiro sounds as well as a wooden block sound all in the same instrument. Constructed of eco-friendly Siam Oak wood, the shell of this instrument has ridges built in to create the scraping sounds of a guiro, which can be played using the handle of the beater. The mallet on the beater can be used to hit the shell of the block, replicating the sound of wood blocks. Ergonomically designed handle allows for maximum comfort while playing. 22.5cm beater is included.

Please always remember that our musical instruments are NOT toys and should be used with young children under the close supervision of responsible educationalists and carers. By following these simple guidelines you will ensure the children's learning, development and enjoyment playing music, as well as their safety.