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Milo's Alphabet Phonics Learning Card Game

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Learn the letters and sounds of the alphabet with these alphabet cards and games.


Milo’s Alphabet Games is a pack of alphabet flashcards that link with the Milo’s Birthday Surprise storybook, as well as the alphabet frieze and placemats.

The 26 letter cards should be used to practise Chitter chatter chants and Speed sounds. The pack also contains two picture cards for each character from the story of Milo's Birthday Surprise. You can play 19 different games with these cards and read and spell over 200 words.


Milo’s Alphabet Games:

  • A flexible pack of cards that can be used for many different games and activities
  • Includes instructions for doing Chitter chatter chants, Speed sounds, spelling and reading consonant-vowel-consonant (CVC) words.
  • Perfect for children learning the sounds of the alphabet (Little Learners Love Literacy Stages 1–4).