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The Snipe and The Clam 水墨中国经典幼儿故事绘本系列:鹬蚌相争 (Paperback)

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This book is in Bilingual and PinYin version. 


A little kingfisher catches a fish, but the fish accidentally slips from its mouth. A clam catches the fish but a snipe swoops down to nab the fish. The clam closes its shell and traps the snipes beak. "I will keep you trapped today and tomorrow," the clam says, "and you will die of hunger the day after tomorrow." "If you dont let me go," responds the snipe, "and it doesnt rain today or tomorrow, very soon, there will be a dried up clam on the shore!" Neither the snipe nor the clam gives ground. At that moment, an old fisherman quietly paddles over, catches the arguing snipe and clam and puts them into his fishing net.


小翠鸟抓到了一条鱼,可是一不小心鱼从嘴里滑了出来,掉进了一只出来晒太阳的蚌的嘴里,一只鹬飞来抢大鱼。蚌马上合上蚌壳,夹住了鹬的嘴。河蚌说:“我今天不放你,明天不放你,后天我就饿死你。” 鹬鸟对河蚌说:“如果你不放了我,今天不下雨,明天不下雨,不久,岸上就会有只被干死的河蚌。”鹬和蚌互不相让,这时老渔翁悄悄地把船划了过来把它们俩一起装进了渔网里。